Downhill Bandits

Five ordinary PCT thru-hikers band together to tackle one of the most challenging sections of the Pacific Crest Trail-- Mammoth Lakes to Sonora Pass-- during Northern California's wettest water year in recorded history. June 12-22, 2017.

Created by Ben Russell. Footage by Jannik "Mozart" Grünebaum, Christopher "Rattler" Little, Natalie "RockDoc" Raia, Ben "Grizz" Russell, Jamie "Lovely Heart" Russell.

Donna G.
over 2 years agoSeptember 13, 2017
Amazing strength to make it across!!
FireFly H
over 2 years agoSeptember 14, 2017
Why are they crossing creeks so aten the afternoon? Would it make better sense to wait til morning when water might be lower?
over 2 years agoSeptember 14, 2017
You guys are so brave and you look so happy, alive and strong at the end. I hiked that section in 2009 and had about 1/3 as much snow and water. We hiked down the Tuolumne river instead of on the PCT, which overflowed its banks that year. Had to swim across the Paiute, not on the PCT but downstream from it. Rejoined at Kerrick Creek which I also had to swim. All that scared me to death but nothing like what you guys did. Congratulations on not dying and looking like you were actually enjoying it!
over 2 years agoSeptember 14, 2017
2006 granted us with high snow levels. It wasn't anything like this year, but was challenging and awe inspiring. In fact it remains one of my fondest memories. Great video with great footage!
Mama Lion 2016
over 2 years agoSeptember 18, 2017
Rockstar teamwork! Kerrick Creek was super scary in 2016.  I get chills thinking about what that monster crossing must have been in 2017
over 2 years agoJanuary 11, 2018
I did JMT in late August/Early September.  You guys rocked what looks to have been a terrifying year.  Great teamwork together like that!!  Only comment - were the packs loose enough to allow a quick escape if someone had slipped?  I always unbuckle just in case.
about 2 years agoMarch 11, 2018
Hi, Yodler...Yes, we always unbuckled before crossing the streams-- essential, for sure. It certainly was a special year...I cannot wait to see the Sierra when it's dry--will be a completely different world!
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